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Darinka H.

Reiki Energy Treatment

"Christina came in to my life at a serendipitous moment. Her session was full of love, insight, and connection. She lovingly guided me to a place that I needed to be, and I was able to make magic from that place of safety."

Sandy J.

Reiki Energy Treatment, Manifestation Coaching

"Christina helped me better understand money manifesting by helping me see that my ego and soul can align to be even stronger in attracting abundance.  I want to share this story - I was relaxing and browsing on my computer when my intuition told me to check a site for unclaimed property.  I looked myself up, but there was no money there. But it also told me to check my neighbor who I am friend's with so I did.  He had $7000 in unclaimed property.  When I told him, he said to show him and he'd give me $1000.  Sure enough, he received the deposit today and I got money transferred to my bank.  I can breathe easier and I'm deeply grateful.  Money really can come from anywhere if you're open to it.  THANK YOU SO MUCH CHRISTINA for helping me unlock this magic!"

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